Majestic 400DVBH-7 Gas Direct Vent

Majestic 400DVBH-7 Gas Direct Vent Fireplace Parts

24D0808 Vermont Castings Thermocoup
26D0619 Power Cord For Blower
26D0746 Vermont Castings Rheostat D
26D0748K Blower Motor Kit With Velc
26D2870 T Stat Sensor Lx36Dv Replac
26D2870K T Stat Sensor W Wire Harne
0052827 Screw 8 X 1/2" Pph Self Dri
14D0503 Piezo Ignitor Snap In
20008748 V Spacer
26D0164K Bracket Brick Support
26D0566 Vermont Castings Thermopile
26D0665 Tube Pilot Bdv
26D0999 Installation Instructions B
26D2128 Junction Box Assembly
26D3320K Bracket Snap Disc Bracket
26D7102K Firebrick Assembly Cottage
26D7103K Firebrick Left Cottage Red
26D7104K Firebrick Right Cottage Re
26D7105K Firebrick Center Cottage R
33D0062 Blower Magnets
33D5039 Injector 1/16"
37D0010 Knob Ext On/Off Dnf Dys Dfs
37D0011 Knob Ext Hi/Lo Dis33G Mcfs3
37D0018K Pilot Vented Sit Ng Milliv
37D0019K Pilot Vented Sit Lp Milliv
37D0117 Valve Vented Sit Ng Millivo
37D0118 Vermont Castings Valve Vent
37D0286Tk Canopy Black 31 13/16" X
37D0394 Velcro
41D0048 Switch Rocker On/Off/Rs
41D0203 Wire Switch To Valve Double
42D0204 Gasket 6 Pipe Adaptor
42D0319K Exit Pipe Closed 624Dv
44D0500 Wiring Harness Female/ Mv V
44D0501 Wiring Harness Male/ Mv Val
45D0032 Gasket Burner
45D0551K Restrictor Disc 624Dv
51D0181K Heat Shield
51D0218 Gasket In Let Pipe
54D0029K Door Lower Assembly Bdv400
54D0061 Gasket Exhaust Die Cut
54D0184K Firebrick Rear 400Dvb Serv
54D0186K Firebrick Left Tavern Brow
54D0187K Firebrick Right Tavern Bro
54D0194K Tube Valve/Burner
54D0473 Installation Instructions F
54D0611Tk Face Assembly Gcuf32C Bdv
54D0686K Face Panel Assembly Bdv/Dv
54D0691K Wire Wall Switch Assembly
54D0692K Glass Latch Assembly
54D0693K Venturi/Gasket/Screws Asse
54D0900Tk Assembly Louver Top Servi
54D0906K Assembly Louver Bottom Ser
54D5014 Board Non Combustible 400
54D5034K Door Assembly Hbdv400 Serv
54D5041K Log 400Dvhb 2 400Dvbh
56D0261 Gasket Pipe 45 4" Flue Adap
56D0264 Pipe Assembly Exhaust Sdv50
62D3004 Injector Burner Front Ng 41
69D0030 Flexline W/Shutoff Valve 18
69D3002 Outer Starter Collar Rear
73D0147 Wire Assembly Male/Female
80D0001 Vermont Castings Valve Ng S
80D0002 Valve Lp Scs
80D0005 Vermont Castings Switch Box
80D0006 Vermont Castings Pilot Ng A
80D0007 Vermont Castings Pilot Lp A
80D0008 Wire Switch Box/Control Box
80D0010 Vermont Castings Wire Valve
80D0018 Vermont Castings Control Bo
80D0019 Control Box Lp Scs
10001297 Electrode Igniter with Cab
54D5006K Burner Assembly Hbdv400